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iMedia Services & Resources

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iMedia Services & Resources

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While the iMEDIA staff will make every attempt to meet last minute requests for equipment, in order to assure availability of equipment, reserve at least 2 weeks prior to the date it is needed. 

For any questions you may have, please contact us at or 212-650-5480.

    Reservations for equipment are made on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Faculty are responsible for the safety and security of equipment loaned out to them from iMEDIA.
    Equipment reserved must be signed out, picked up, and returned by faculty.
    Equipment will be released to students only with prior faculty approval.
    Equipment not picked up within 15 minutes of the reserve time will be released.

Please understand that the iMEDIA staff may require that you show a valid CCNY ID to have equipment released to you.
IN-classroom audio-visual technology support
- - - Call x5480 FOR SERVICE - - -

    Visual Issues
    Audio Issues
    Laptop Issues
    Physical & Network Connectivity Issues

    Video Projectors
    Laptop Video Adapters
    Audio/Video Cables for Smart Rooms
    Document Cameras
    Portable Audio (PA) Systems
    Digital Voice Recorders
    Digital Video Camcorders
    CD, DVD, Audio Cassette Tape, & VHS Tape Players
    Slide Projectors
    Overhead Projectors
    Projection Screens
    Audio Speakers


    Video and Audio Conferencing using Blue Jeans
    Video Conferencing utilizing IP based Polycom equipment
    DVD Duplication
    VHS to DVD Conversion