Licensing for Ink2Go

Available Licensing for Faculty & Staff            


Ink2Go is an extremely simple yet powerful screen annotation and recording software. You can easily write on top of any other application that is currently active on the desktop, even on a running video. You can then save your annotations as an image file or even record the whole session as a video for sharing. It is a useful tool for presenters to communicate and share ideas during a live session, for educators to create effective video tutorials and for salespeople to create impressive video presentations.

To download and install the software, please visit and download and install the trial. This 15-day trial becomes a perpetual license when you insert your License Key.
Please note the user name and key must be entered exactly as listed. They are case sensitive as well. (We found that copy/paste works best with the Username and Key).

Please note that if you are going to use your own laptop instead of iMEDIA equipment, you will need the Ink2Go software, which is available from the IT Service Desk or downloadable for faculty and staff from CCNY website.

All eligible faculty and staff received a 'Correction' email broadcast with Ink2Go information on January 24, 2017. Please check your CCNY email for this information.


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