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Message to New Students

Information Technology

Message to New Students

Essential Information for New Students

Welcome to our campus!

All of our students will use the technology infrastructure and services provided by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) while they are here at City College. As a registered student of City College you will be able to access many of the OIT online tools, resources, and services that are supported by the OIT and will help you succeed and achieve your goals.

We recommend that students check the OIT website to become familiar with computing rules and regulations, best practices, services, and computing facilities. Also available through our website is access to additional IT resources as well as IT help and support.


Ken Ihrer, AVP/ CIO of the Office of Information Technology

Listed below are the IT services and resources that students will use during their time at City College.
  • The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Website
  • IT User Policies & Security
    To help students have a positive computing experience, IT offers resources and guides for students to become familiar with IT policies and safe computing practices.
  • E-Mail Accounts/Support
    E-mail accounts will be assigned to you as a registered student of City College on the student e-mail service, Citymail. All official college notifications will be sent to your Citymail e-mail account. 
  • CUNYfirst Accounts/ Help & Support
    Your CUNYfirst account and EmplID will be assigned to you as a registered student at City College. You can find information for claiming your account as well as IT help and support on the OIT website.
  • Blackboard Help & Support
    If you have a course that uses Blackboard you can find IT help and support as well as information, materials, and resources on the OIT website.
  • Computing Facilities
    The IT computing facilities include IT-maintained Tech Fee Supported labs as well as reservation-only smart rooms.
  • Computing Help & Support
    IT help and support is available for students on campus at the main Service Desk as well as individual department helpdesks. Online resources are also available.

For more information please call us at 212.650.7878 or visit our site.