Quick Tips for Whiteboards

Saving Pages in Whiteboard Mode

You can save your whiteboard pages as PDF, EWF, or PNG files and select the location where you want
to store your files.
Note: Connect directly to the control pad to save whiteboard pages.

1. Press the Save button on the control pad or remote control, or select the Save icon on the
bottom toolbar.

Saving Whiteboard

2. Select one of the following as the destination where you want to save your file and select OK:

• USB Storage or Network Folder to save to a connected USB storage device or network folder
• PC via USB Cable to temporarily save the file on the projector and make it available for copying from a computer. After you copy the file, it is erased • Browser Participants to temporarily save the file on the projector and distribute to the participants in the sharing session for download through a Web browser. After the participants have copied the file, select Done. The file is erased.

3. Select the folder where you want to save your file.

4. To enter a file name, select the File Name text box, use the on-screen keyboard to enter a file name,
and select OK.

5. Select the file format. If you choose PDF or EWF (Epson Whiteboard Format), you can encrypt the
file and add a password. If you choose EWF, you can reopen the file later and continue editing.
Note: PNG files are saved as 1920 × 1200 pixels.

6. Select one of the following as the Range setting:

• All to save all the pages in the current whiteboard session (PDF or EWF)
• Current to save only the current whiteboard page
• Selection to save a range of pages by tapping the numbers in the boxes below (PDF or EWF)

7. When you are ready to save the whiteboard, select Save.

Emailing Whiteboard Pages

If your projector is set up on a network and configured to use an e-mail server, you can email your
whiteboard pages as an email attachment directly from the projector.

Emailing Whiteboard

Find out how >> View 'How to E-mail from Interactive Whiteboard' video

You can share your sessions on the Whiteboards by emailing directly from the session interface.




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