Safe Zone Trained

Starting in 2022, we encourage as many faculty, staff, and administrators as possible to become Safe Zone trained. Best practices, CUNY policies, and state and national laws are continually changing. For that reason, we regard our Safe Zone trainings as a way that everyone (even if you already identify as an ally or LGBTQIA+ individual) can be best prepared to support our CCNY students. We share a list of individuals who have completed the training (and given permission to be listed) here so that students are aware of more contact options if they are looking for advice, mentorship, or affirming programs, offices, and classrooms. 

Starting in 2022, CCNY, and CUNY, both plan to offer a variety of Safe Zone trainings (some in-person and some virtual) so that all can become familiar with the latest best practices for creating safe spaces, classrooms, and affirming policies for students. Our trainings will also include the latest CUNY policies and New York City and New York State laws on supporting and affirming LGBTQIA+ identifying and questioning individuals. Already wish to sign up? Contact us to be on our trainings list and we will be in touch about training opportunities:  

Individuals listed here have completed either a CCNY or a CUNY Safe Zone training and requested to be listed on this site. To be included please email your certificate from this training along with your name, pronouns, department, and web page to  

2021-2022 Safe Zone Trained

(last name alphabetical order):

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