Music Minor

Music Minor (15 credits)

The minor is highly flexible, with only one required course:

  • Music 13100, Music Theory Fundamentals (3 credits)

The remaining 12 credits can consist of any MUS courses for which a student meets the pre-requisites. General education and preparatory music courses are open to registration for all CCNY students, while music major courses require departmental permission. See below for details.

Please Note:
  • Students with prior formal training can exempt MUS 13100, freeing up an additional 3 flexible credits.
  • Please see this page for the Placement Process if you're interested in Popular Music Studies courses.
  • Students interested in Jazz Studies courses should contact Professor Pittson ( ) to determine if they're qualified.
  • Sonic Arts courses are strictly limited to majors in their program. None of their courses are available as part of the minor.

Last Updated: 04/08/2021 09:30