Placement Process

The Music Department is not using written placement exams at this time:
  1. If you passed Music Theory Fundamentals (MUS 13100) at CCNY or had an equivalent course transferred in from another college, you're eligible to start the required level 1 courses. Please contact Professor Pieslak ( ) for course permissions and advising. Please include your EMPLID in all correspondence.
  2. If you have musical training outside the university system, and you're comfortable with music theory fundamentals (scales, keys, intervals, triads, and basic notation), please contact Professor Pieslak ( ) with a brief summary of your prior experience. Please include your EMPLID in all correspondence.
  3. If you have no prior formal training, or if you need a review of fundamentals, you should register for the preparatory courses listed below (MUS 13100 and 16100). No permissions are necessary for those courses.

Please note:
Students with no prior formal training do not need registration permissions to begin studying music. We recommend that interested students register for this pair of courses:

  • MUS 13100, Music Theory Fundamentals
  • MUS 16100, Aural Fundamentals

Last Updated: 04/08/2021 09:29