CCNY Students excel at national STEM research conference

Eleven City College of New York undergraduates from the CUNY School of Medicine at CCNY, the Division of Science, and the Grove School of Engineering were winners at the ABRCMS 2021: The Virtual Experience.
The students were among 4,000 participants in the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) event that attracts undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, scientists, program directors and administrators from more than 350 U.S. colleges and universities.
Following are details about the 11 CCNY winners at ABRCMS, their disciplines and project titles:

  •  Adebola Ademola, sophomore, biomedical science; physiology, “Opioids on the Verge of Cancellation! Discharge Opioid Elimination after Ambulatory Breast Surgery”;
  • Goodness Njoku Austin, senior, biology; social and behavioral sciences and public health, “Factors Associated with Poor Outcomes of Childhood Cancer in Africa”;
  • Mykel Barrett, senior, biology; developmental biology, “Bioinformatic and Experimental Evaluation of Transcription Factor Binding Site Specificity Within the Context of the Developing Retina”;
  • Scarlet Nazareth Martinez Cardoze, senior, chemical engineering; computational and systems biology category, “In Silico Discovery of Neutralizing Agents Targeting SARS-CoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein”;
  • Jayda Grant, sophomore, social and behavioral sciences and public health, “Barriers to Uptake of Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer from the Perspective of Oncology Nurses: A Qualitative Analysis”;
  • Abigail Montalmant, senior, biomedical sciences; social and behavioral sciences and public health, “Missing Beats: Who's Left Out of Music Therapy Trials and Why this Matters”;
  • Chizuruoke Onuoha, sophomore, biomedical science; social and behavioral sciences and public health, “Colorectal Cancer in African American Young Adults: A Literature Review”;
  • Ekene Onwubiko, senior, biology; social and behavioral sciences and public health category, “Pathologists’ Perception about Access to Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer: A Qualitative Analysis”;
  • Rooshi Parikh, junior, biomedical science; engineering, physics and mathematics, “Carbon Nanotube Optical Reporter to Monitor Lysosomal Storage Disease in the Brain”;
  • Anna Solomon, senior, biomedical science; social and behavioral sciences and public health, “Ethical Challenges in Oncology: Dilemmas and Consequences”; and
  • Keitha Varela, first-year med student, biomedical medicine; cancer biology, “A MRI Radiomics Model to Identify Features Specifically Associated with TNBC.”

 ABRCMS is one of the largest, professional conferences for underrepresented minority students to pursue advanced professional development skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. At the event, students are given the opportunity to present their research, explore graduate schools, and network with other students and researchers to expand their connections and opportunities.

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