Faculty and staff profiles

Faculty and Staff

Denise Addison

Higher Education Assistant

o: 1024 Marshak Science Building

Daniel L. Akins

Louis J. Curtman Professor

o: 2.384 Center for Discovery and Innovation

Harrison Asare

Non-Teaching Adj Doct 2

Vladimir Atanassov

Senior CLT

o: 1017 Marshak Science Building

Afsana Ayshi

College Assistant

Roksana Azad

College Assistant

Teresa J. Bandosz

Environmental Chemistry/Materials Science

o: 4-384 Center for Discovery and Innovation

Philip Barnett

Science Reference Librarian

o: 29 Marshak Science Building

Polina Belousova

Non-Teaching Adjunct 2

Meruyert Binayeva

Non-Teaching Adj Doct 2

Mark R. Biscoe


o: 4.316 Center for Discovery and Innovation

Sean Boson

Organic Chemistry

o: 1134 Marshak Science Building

Zimei Bu


o: 1336 Marshak Science Building
p: 212-650-6071

David Calhoun


o: Marshak Science Building dcalhoun@ccny.cuny.edu
p: 1315

Paola Campos

College Assistant

Sandy Cen

College Assistant

Yixiong Chen

Adjunct Associate Professor

Christopher DelRe

Assistant Professor

o: ASRC G.358 CUNY Advanced Science Research Center
p: 212-413-3384

Amédée des Georges

Assistant professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

o: 3.316 Advanced Science Research Center
p: 212-413-3232