Admissions and Program Requirements - Advanced Certificate Program


1) Completion of an undergraduate or graduate history or social science major or equivalent, with a minimum of 21 credits in history;

2) Completion of general education core requirements in artistic expression; communication; information retrieval; history and social sciences; humanities; a language other than English; scientific and mathematical processes; and written analysis and expression. Students will have to make up any deficiencies;

3) Minimum 3.0 overall undergrad GPA and in the major; 

4) Must hold an MA or MS degree in one of the areas approved by NYSED with a minimum 3.0 GPA in that degree.

5) Three letters of recommendation, at least two of which are from faculty members;

6) Interview and completion of an on-site essay;

Program Requirements

Course Number

Course Title


EDUC 7500A

Adolescent Learning and Development


EDSE 7600A

Issues for Secondary School Teachers


SPED 5000K

Introduction to Inclusive Education


EDSE 1200E

Reading and Writing Instruction


EDSE 2100E
(Fall Only)

Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies


EDSE 2300E
(Spring Only)

Development of the Secondary School:  Philosophy, Urban Issues, and Curriculum Development in Secondary School Social Studies


EDSE 7600G*

Student Teaching


EDUC 1900G

Child Abuse & Health Seminar


EDSE 7603G*

Seminar in Student Teaching in Secondary Schools


*Must Apply for; Check deadlines in Office of Field Experiences        

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