Admissions and Program Requirements - Undergraduate Initial Certificate Program


  1. Complete an application for the secondary social studies program. An application can be obtained in the North Academic Center, Room 3/223.
  2. Obtain a GPA of 2.7 or better and complete 60 credits, including core courses in English composition, mathematics, sciences, foreign languages, humanities.
  3. Complete 21 credits in History with a 3.0 average in these classes.
  4. Pass the School of Education Admissions Test (S.E.A.T.).  Sign up in the North Academic Center, Room 3/223.
  5. Obtain 3 letters of recommendation: 2 letters must be from history professors. You can submit letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes, with the recommenders’ signatures written across the seals, or you can invite the recommenders to submit their letters directly to the program director.
  6. Attend an interview and complete an onsite essay. A faculty member will contact you to schedule these events. 

Program Requirements

Education Course Requirements

Course Number

Course Title


EDUC 20500

Adolescent Learning and Development


EDSE 32500

Issues for Secondary School Teachers


SPED 32000

Introduction to Inclusive Education


EDSE 41200

Reading and Writing Instruction


EDSE 44200
(Fall only)

Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies


EDSE 45102
(Spring only)

Development of the Secondary School: Philosophy, Urban Issues, and Curriculum Development in Secondary School Social Studies


EDSE 46300

Student Teaching


EDUC 41900

Child Abuse & Health Seminar


EDSE 46301

Seminar in Student Teaching in Secondary Schools


Total Credits


Prior to admission, undergraduates can take EDUC 20500 and 32500. Any student completing additional education courses prior to formal admission into the program may find themselves taking courses that will not be applicable to their program.  Also, candidates must apply for EDSE 46300 and EDSE 46301. Check the deadlines in the Office of Field Experiences the semester before you aim to student teach.  

History Requirements

Course Title

Credits for
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

All students must take two courses in American History


All students must take two courses in European History


All students must take one course in two of the following areas: Asian History; African History; Latin American History


History Concentration: 5 courses in one area


One Upper Division Course in Economics or Political Science


Total Credits


Additional coursework in economics, political science, geography, anthropology, and sociology is strongly recommended.

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