Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee

Section 15.5 of the By-Laws of the City University of New York describes the structure of the Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee.


  1. Each faculty-student disciplinary committee shall consist of two faculty members and two student members and a chairperson. A quorum shall consist of the chair and any two members. Hearings shall be scheduled at a convenient time and efforts shall be made to insure full student and faculty representation.
  2. The president shall select in consultation with the head of the appropriate campus governance body or where the president is the head of the governance body, its executive committee, three (3) members of the instructional staff of that college to receive training and to serve in rotation as chair of the disciplinary committee. If none of the chairpersons appointed from the campus can serve, the president, at his/her discretion, may request that a chairperson be selected by lottery from the entire group of chairpersons appointed by other colleges. The chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the faculty-student disciplinary meetings and decide and make all rulings for the committee. He/she shall not be a voting member of the committee but shall vote in the event of a tie.
  3. The faculty members shall be selected by lot from a panel of six elected annually by the appropriate faculty body from among the persons having faculty rank or faculty status. The student members shall be selected by lot from a panel of six elected annually in an election in which all students registered at the college shall be eligible to vote. In the event that the student or faculty panel or both are not elected, or if more panel members are needed, the president shall have the duty to select the panel or panels which have not been elected. No individuals on the panel shall serve on the panel for more than two consecutive years.
  4. In the event that the chairperson cannot continue, the president shall appoint another chairperson. In the event that a student or faculty seat becomes vacant and it is necessary to fill the seat to continue the hearing, the seat shall be filled from the faculty or student panel by lottery.
  5. Persons who are to be participants in the hearings as witnesses or have been involved in preferring the charges or who may participate in the appeals procedures or any other person having a direct interest in the outcome of the hearing shall be disqualified from serving on the committee.

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