Tuition and Fee Listing - Summer 2018

The Bursar's Office is located in the Administration Building, and the telephone number is 212-650-8700.

Tuition is set by the University Board of Trustees and is subject to change without notice of their actions. Students should arrange to pay their total tuition, fees and charges to complete their registration if they wish to be admitted to classes. Students who may be eligible for financial assistance or grants should consult with the Financial Aid Office as early as possible.

New York State Residency Requirements

Students are assigned residency status when admitted to the College.  Since residency determines tuition rates, students should know their classifications.  If there is a question of status it is the responsibility of the student to prove residency.  An "Application for Proof of Bona Fide Residency" is available at the Office of the Registrar.  New students must apply through the Office of Admissions.

The Financial Aid Office administers federal and state funds, as well as those provided by special programs and the College itself.  Federal funds may be disbursed only to those students who maintain their academic standing and are not in default on a student loan or owe a refund on a federal grant.  For the most recent information on application filing procedures, deadline dates, and eligibility criteria for the various programs, students are urged to contact the Financial Aid Office.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice pursuant to City University Board of Trustee resolution.

Undergraduate Tuition   Resident Students Non-Resident Students
  Full-Time $285 per Credit $580 per Credit
  Part-Time $285 per Credit $580 per Credit
  Non-Degree $415 per Credit $865 per Credit
  **Student Activity Fee Undergraduates $12 Full-Time $12 Full-Time
    $12 Part-Time $12 Part-Time
Graduate Tuition Masters in Architecture & Engineering    
  Full-Time $520 per Credit $895 per Credit
  Part-Time $520 per Credit $895 per Credit
  Per Excess Credit Hour $65 $85
  Masters in Public Administration    
  Full-Time $515 per Credit $950 per Credit
  Part-Time $515 per Credit $950 per Credit
  Per Excess Credit Hour $65 $85
  Masters of Professional Studies in Branding and Integrated Communications    
  Full-Time $815 per Credit $1,015 per Credit
  Part-Time $815 per Credit $1,015 per Credit
  Per Exces Credit Hour $65 $85
  All Other Masters Programs    
  Full-Time $440 per Credit $805 per Credit
  Part-Time $440 per Credit $805 per Credit
  Per Excess Credit Hour $65 $85
  Maintenance of Matriculation $215 per Semester $350 per Semester
  **Student Activity Fee for Graduate Students $4.00 $4.00
Doctoral Tuition Level 1:  Full-Time $4,675 per Semester $905 per Credit
  Level 1:  Part-Time $530 per Credit $905 per Credit
  Level 2:  FT/PT $2,930 per Semester $6,510 per Semester
  Level 3:  FT/PT $1,165 per Semester $2,310 per Semester
  **Student Activity Fee for Doctoral Students $4.00 $4.00
Semester Fees (For All Students) Consolidated Fee $15 (Each Summer Session) $15 (Each Summer Session)
  Student Senate Fee $1.45 $1.45
  Technology Fee $125 (Full-Time) $125 (Full-Time)
    $62.50 (Part-Time) $62.50 (Part-Time)
  Undergraduate Freshman $65  
  Undergraduate Transfer $70  
  Graduate Students $125  
  Readmission $20  
  Late Registration $25  
  Change of Program $18  
  Duplicate Bursar Receipt $5  
  Returned Check Fee $20  
  Late Payment Fee $15  
  Transcript $7  
  Special Exam $25  
  2nd Exam in Semester $5  
  Duplicate ID Card $10  
  Duplicate Diploma $30  
  Senior Citizens $80 ($65+$15 Consolidated Fee)  

 Graduating seniors and certain Bio-Med students are exempt
** Subject to change through a student referendum & Board approval

There may be other costs and fees associated with academic work, such as textbooks and studio or lab materials. Notice of additional fees will appear in the course listing in each semester's Schedule of Classes.

Maintenance of Matriculation Fee
$210 fee per semester must be paid by all matriculated New York State resident graduate students who wish to maintain their academic standing during terms when they are not registered for course or research credits. The fee for non-residents is $340. Students paying this fee need not pay the Activity Fee. Students who fail to pay the Maintenance of Matriculation fee will be deemed to have withdrawn from the graduate program and must reapply if they wish to be readmitted.

Payment of Collection Costs
Students who do not make full payment of their tuition, fees and other college bills and their account is sent to a collection agency will be responsible for all collection costs, including agency fees, attorney fees and court costs, in addition to whatever amounts are owed to the college. In addition, non-payment or a default judgment against a student's account may be reported to a credit bureau and be reflected in their credit report.


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