Graduate Program in Spanish

The City College of New York offers the Masters of Arts degree in Spanish.

Program Learning Outcomes: 

The CCNY Master of Arts Program in Spanish teaches and guides students to achieve the following objectives:

1.- Develop critical thinking that could be applied to interdisciplinary research  

2.- Reveal control of concepts learned in courses taken and the application of such concepts in the preparation of research papers.

3.- Implement online and other conventional research tools   

4.- Present research findings orally and/or in writing in a professionally compelling fashion and with appropriate citations and attributions of origins  

5.- Acquire professional preparation that will enable the candidate to be competitive in the academic job market and/or in a Ph.D. program  

6.- Fulfill assignments within the prescribed period of time and in accordance with established classroom norms  

7.- Demonstrate competence in both standard Spanish and English, as per the individual course's requirements

8.- Integrate MLA format appropriately
Download the MA Program in Spanish Handbook - which includes comprehensive information about courses, reading lists, essay preparation, reading lists, etc.