Information for Parents

Why Do Students Seek Counseling?

College can be a time of unlimited learning opportunities, new friendships and personal growth. Students have the chance to develop a stronger sense of self and increased confidence. Often students find the new environment and adjustments associated with attending college to be stressful and challenging. The Counseling Center at CCNY can offer students various types of support. Some students find they are struggling with the challenges associated with college and want to learn how to cope with adjustment issues. Some students find interpersonal relationships difficult and want to become more skilled at interacting with the people in their lives. Other students feel depressed, sad or anxious and want to explore how their thoughts and beliefs are impacting how they feel. The Counseling Center at CCNY provides students with the opportunity to develop coping skills that will enhance their experience at City College.

How Can a Parent Help?

Many students seek out the Counseling Center when they feel they need additional support. However, sometimes a parent can identify that a student needs assistance at a time when a student may not have realized they need to reach out for help. Your student may turn to you for guidance because they trust you. You may be able to guide them to the Counseling Center when they would benefit from our services. The Counseling Center at CCNY is available to provide services to students and accepts referrals for counseling from parents.

What is Available for Students at CCNY?

Counseling is available to all undergraduate and graduate students at City College. Students initially meet with a counselor for an intake appointment where the counselor identifies how to best meet the student’s mental health needs. The Counseling Center provides brief psychotherapy and students may choose to engage in short-term counseling at the Counseling Center for several sessions. The Counseling Center offers crisis intervention and students who are experiencing a crisis affecting their own or others’ safety can walk-in to the Counseling Center and meet with the counselor on call. Additionally, some students benefit from referrals for longer-term treatment with community mental health providers in the New York Metropolitan area.

Confidentiality and Families

At The College Counseling Center at CCNY, confidentiality is both valued and required. Any communication shared between student and counselor as part of a client/counselor relationship is confidential with a few exceptions. Students are informed during their first session with a counselor about the boundaries of confidentiality. These exceptions include: (1) Student may sign a release to allow others access to his/her information; (2) Concerns that a student may harm him/herself; (3) Concerns that a student may harm another person; (4) Concerns about abuse or neglect of a child or elderly person; (5) Parent must be notified that student is in therapy if student is under the age of 18 (6) A court may request information about a student. Due to confidentiality, a student’s counseling information is not released unless a student is in danger or unless there is a signed release from the student.
Family members may wish to have access to their child’s counseling information and may be displeased when confidentiality prevents access to their files. Communicating directly with your son or daughter about your concerns can help to reduce feelings of frustration or worry. Occasionally, college students feel hesitant to share personal information with their parents. However, students are often responsive to a conversation where you offer encouragement and support as they face the challenges associated with their college years.

Last Updated: 08/04/2016 11:00