Workshops and Events

The following Counseling Center workshops are available for classes, student groups, and departments throughout the year.  With a few weeks of notice we can arrange for space to present these to your students or we can conduct the workshop as part of a pre-arranged class or group meeting.  Workshops are presented by staff at the Counseling Center. Peer Counselors are also available to present to groups of students or clubs as requested.
The following topics are available:
    Introduction to the Counseling Center: Services and How to Get Help (5-15 min)
    Training Programs at the Counseling Center: How to Get Involved (5-15 min)
    Introduction to the Counseling Center with Depression and Suicide Awareness (15-45 min)
    Sexual Assault Awareness (60 min)
    Stress Management (45-55 min)
    Test Anxiety (45-55 min)
    Time Management (45-55 min)
    Anger Management (40-55 min)
    Insomnia (40- 55)
    Conflict Resolution and Assertiveness (60 min)
    Alcohol and Other Drugs: Psycho-Education (45-55)
    Identifying and Referring Students in Distress (for residential assistants only) (60 min)
    Identifying and Responding to Students in Distress (for faculty/staff only) (60 min)

Workshops for Students - Spring 2022


WSs for std. - February and March 2022 - Spring 2022



Spring 2022 - April and May WSs



Workshops for Faculty and Staff - Identifying and Responding to Students in Distress - Spring 2022

WSs for faculty and staff - spring 2022 

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