Students in the Environmental Program are busy scholars in classroom and research.

Our students achieve a wide recognition while in CCNY. 

Many of our students go to graduate school. Other graduates go directly into the work force.

We are proud of accomplishments of our students!




2017   Qahtan Al Jammali,  2017 alumnus , MS. Earth Systems & Environmental Engineering, is the 2nd place winner of the 2017  student paper competition with his entry “Cyborg Gen2330” of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and its Committee on Education (COE).

2016    ESE alumnus and ESEE Master student Karmin Chong was the first-place winner of the annual ANSI student paper competition, see article about this here: ;…;… 

2016-18     Three ESE students (Robert A., Maria C, and Valentina R.) were awarded NOAA EPP Fellowships, and spent summer interning at NOAA Headquarters

2016         ESE students Victor D., Oksana J., Myrna H. are recipients of NOAA CREST fellowship

2016         Three Environmental students (Andrew C., Qahtan A., and Robert W.) were awarded USGS internships for Summer

2016         ESE Director, Professor Marco J. Castaldi was awarded a Fulbright Global Award winner for his continuing work on converting solid waste materials to energy, chemicals or fuels! See more information here

2016         Six ESE students (Mark C., Ingrid F., Mohammed A., Calvin C., Myrna H., David C.) participated in Environmental Field Investigation course and summer internship at Brooklyn College

2016        ESE students Oksana J., Anjesa A., Victor D., Michael S.  did summer reserach internship with NOAA CREST

2016       Stephany P. and  Kathy A. were awarded NOAA CREST MEDAL for achievements in research

2016        Omar H. was awarded Engineering Alumni Medal Award, Earth Systems Science & Environmental Engineering 

2015        ESE alumnus Adam A. was awarded NSF graduate fellowship and continues PhD studies at Columbia University

2015        Kathy Ammari Received the Best Poster Award at the Emerging Researchers National ConferenceWashington, DC

2015        3rd Place for best poster: Equisha Glenn, Graduate Student, City College of New York, "Investigation of recent SST warming impacts on precipitation variations in the Intra-Americas Region, 1982-2012" and Cassandra Calderella presented Synoptic Mapping of North Polar Sea Ice Melt/Freeze and Landscape Freeze/Thaw State: Assessment of the North Polar Climate System Using Microwave Remote Sensing and Modelling at NOAA NESDIS Cooperative Research Program (CoRP) Science Symposium for Students at the University of Maryland on September 16 and 17, 2015

2015        ESE students Berenice O., Kathy A., Noeliz L., Myrna H. did summer reserach internship with NOAA CREST

2015-17   ESE student  Lawrence V. was awarded NOAA EPP Fellowship

2014-16   ESE student Olivia P.  was awarded NOAA EPP Fellowship

2014        Nasia S. was awarded NOAA CREST MEDAL for achievements in research

Our February'14 graduate Marisol B. was selected for the DOE's SULI internship program!

Jan Stepinski is recognised as a Great Grad'13!

Asheque Rahman,  Class of 2009,  has won the 2013 ASCE Young Government Civil Engineer of the Year Award. 

COHORT OF 2012-2013



Valedictorian, Class of 2013 Engineering Student Representative to the CCNY Commencement

Jan Stepinski

2012 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Award

Jan Stepinski

Engineering Alumni Medal Award, Earth Systems Science & Environmental Engineering

Jan Stepinski


Adam Atia


Mini-Circuits Scholars

Lifazul Tonmoy

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Scholarship Award

Jan Stepinski


NSF Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Program Fellowship

Nadia Makara

CREST REU Fellowship

Adam Atia

Makara Nadia

Sunyoung Pyo

NOAA-CREST Naval Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Jeremy Mudd

Jan Stepinski

Municipal Engineers of the City of New York Award

Jan Stepinski


to the Presidents of Engineering Student Organizations for outstanding leadership and service to the City College Community

CREST Student Association –Adam Atia

EWB Rachel Lovell


Erika Andujar                Kaveh Bastani Oskoui            Marisol Bonnet            Benjamin Brandwein

Cary Liang                    Xiao Lin                                  Nadia Makara               Stephany Paredes Mesa

Rishitaben Patel            Stivaly Paulino                        Yasith Perera               Lifazul Tonmoy

Oded Weinstock




Adam Atia                     Rifkind Hagai                          Gurpreet Parmar           Jan Stepinski

Mandeep Kaur


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