Faculty and staff profiles

Faculty and Staff

Karin A. Block-Cora


o: 928 Marshak Science Building
p: 212-650-8543

Michael Bobker


o: 826 Marshak
p: 212-650-5084

James F. Booth

Assitant Professor

o: 930 Marshak Science Building

Marco J. Castaldi

Department Chair, Professor

o: 307 Steinman Hall

Naresh Devineni


o: 106 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-8440

Balasz Fekete

Associate Professor

o: Steinman Hall

Alex Gilerson


o: ST 541 Steinman Hall
p: (212) 650-8413

Kimberly Huppert

Assistant Professor

o: 718 Marshak Science Building
p: 212-650-6318

Urs Jans


o: 1218 Marshak Science Building
p: 212-650-8369

Reza Khanbilvardi


o: 107 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-8099

Nir Y. Krakauer

Associate Professor

o: 180 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-8003

Liubov Kreminska

Program Administrative Director

o: 421 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-8299

Tarendra Lakhankar

Research Scientist

o: Room 185 Steinman Hall
p: (212) 650 5815

Angelo Lampousis


o: MR 717 Marshak Science Building
p: 212-650-7590

Kyle C. McDonald

Terry Elkes Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

o: 926 Marshak Science Building
p: (212) 650-8218

Fred Moshary

Director, Earth Sys. Sci. & Env.E., Prof. of E.E.

o: 417 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-7251

Michael Piasecki

Associate Professor

o: 102 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-8321

Prathap Ramamurthy

Associate Professor

o: 229 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-6326

Hansong Tang


o: 127 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-8006

Beth (Ann E.) Wittig

Associate Professor and Chairperson

o: 136 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-8397

Pengfei Zhang

Professor and Chair

o: 932 Marshak Science Building
p: 212-650-5609