Research Opportunities

ESE students work on two-semesters long Senior Design, culminating their study. See the list of recent projects ESE faculty are involved in cutting-edge research with government agencies such as NOAA, NASA and the USGS and industry leaders such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Research activities are real-world goal oriented in fields such as air pollution, water quality, soil moisture assessment, vegetation health and many more environmental fields. 

Three nationally recognized Centers and Institutes are affiliated with ESE Program. 

Students with good academic standing  could benefit by working with faculties affiliated with these three entities.  These Centers and Institute are:


NOAA Cooperative Science Center on Earth System and Remote Sensing ( NOAA-CESSRST) ( Director: Dr. Fred Moshary),  Website
City College Earth Engineering Center ( Director: Dr. Marco Castaldi), Website:
CUNY Remote Sensing Earth System Institute  (Director: Dr. Reza Khanbilvardi), Website:

Each Center and Institute have well-equipped laboratories, computational facilities, and resources.  Interested students should contact any of these directors for further information.

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