Information for Graduate Students of ESEE Program

3 Courses in area of concentration:

Water Resource Engineering Management (WREM)

(D*) CE G7100: Water/Wastewater Treatment (Fall) 
CE G7300: Surface Water Quality Modeling 
CE G9100: Water Resources Systems Analysis (Spring) 
CE H1200: Engineering Hydrology 
(D*) CHEM A1100: Environmental Chemistry (Fall) 
CE H7700: Biological systems 
EAS A2300: Subsurface Remediation (Spring) 

Geoinformatics and GIS

EE G6902: Remote Sensing Surveillance 
EAS B9012: Advanced GIS 
EES 79904: GIS for Earth/Environmental Science 

Climate and Remote Sensing

EE G6902: Remote Sensing Surveillance 
EE I0100: Probability and Stochastic Processes 
CSC/EE I0807: Image Processing 
EAS B9105: Remote Sensing Projects and Fieldwork 
EES 79903: Environmental Remote Sensing


availability of classes is subject to changes

 2 Distribution courses

 Final Project


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