ESE Advisors


will help you with information about all 3 concentrations of water resources, remote sensing and energy.

Name of the Faculty Advisor

Contact information


ESE Concentration

Marco J. Castaldi

Professor, Chemical Engineering

Ph: (212) 650-6679

Steinman Hall ST-307


Alexander Gilerson

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Ph: (212 ) 650-8413

Steinman Hall ST-541

Remote Sensing

Reza Khanbilvardi

Professor and Director NOAA CREST, Civil Engineering

Ph: (212) 650-8093

Steinman Hall ST-106

Water Resources

Nir Y. Krakauer

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Ph: (212) 650-8003

Steinman Hall ST-193

Water Resources

Fred Moshary

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Ph: (212) 650-7251

Steinman Hall ST-417 

Remote Sensing


All undergraduate ESE students must be advised, in order for the advisement stop to be removed. Then you can register for classes. Please plan to be advised before registration begins so that your stop is removed in time for you to register!

The advisement process is described below.


Identify if you have "Enrollment dates" set. If there are any problems (of financial or academic nature), try to resolve them in advance of your registration date. For problems accessing your account, go to the Help Desk in NAC.


Some classes are only offered once a year. Please check if you have pre-reqvisites for every class. Please plan your schedule for the next semester. CUNY 1st provides with the list of classes, offered next semester under "Search" button.

CAUTION!! Please check under ESE CURRICULUM MATTERS / CHANGES TO ESE CURRICULUM for any changes to the curriculum that may not be reflected in the current ESE curriculum matrix. It is very important that you follow the curriculum matrix so that you do not end up with conflicts between classes of different years.

SEE YOUR GENERAL ADVISOR in Steinman Hall 421. You will discuss your short-term plans for the next semester and long-term plans for up to graduation; choice of Liberal Arts classes and compliance with the Pathways.
If you accomplished 45 credits or more, you will be directed to meet with the Faculty Advisor. After your Faculty Advisor has signed the Advisement form, please submit the form to Dr.K. (ST 421).

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