Graduate Program



at the City College since fall 2013
offers two tracks:

MS in Earth Systems and Environmental Engineering (ESEE)


PSM (Professional Science Masters) in Earth Systems and Environmental Engineering,

which is the part of the CUNY's PSM


Learning outcomes for MS program

  •     Apply advanced mathematics, modeling and scientific principles to solve contemporary environmental engineering problems   
  •       Develop the ability to critically utilize relevant scientific literature and information sources and recognize the need for and engage in life-long learning as independent professionals       
  •     Communicate effectively both as individuals and leaders of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams in a diverse global economy             
  •   Provide engineering expertise to solve community, regional, national and global problems              
  •     Engage in highly ethical and professional practices that account for the global, environmental, economical and societal impact of engineering decisions.

For the PSM program in addition 

  •   Develop an understanding of professional practices that can be integrated into future commercial and/or industrial practices.

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