ESE ADVISING List of Technical Electives

The following Engineering Technical electives (with pre-reqs in parenthesis) are offered (for your convenience, confirm with your faculty advisor):


Water Resources and Environment

CE 56600- Engineering Hydrology (CE 365) ; 

CE 57100 - Water Quality Analysis (CE 474); 

ME 56600-Advanced Fluid Mech (Fluid mech and heat transfer)


Remote Sensing and Environment

EE 33000-Electromagnetics (Phys 208, Math 391, 392); 

Phys 32100-Modern Phys; 

Phys 32300-Quantum Mech


Energy and Environment

Engr 59920 - Bldg Mod & Simulatn (no pre-req); 

Engr 55600-Nucl Reactors Design, operation and safety; 

ME 43300- Heat Transfer (ME 356); 

ME 55600 ; 

Phys 32100; 

Phys 32300


For every track:

EE 20500-Linear systems analysis I (Engr 204, Engr 103, Math 391); 

EE 31100-Probablilty and Random Statistics (Math 203); 

ME 32200- Computer Methods in Engr (Math 391); 

EAS 32800-Global Environmental Hazards (none); 

EAS 41300 - Environm Geochemistry (EAS 217 , Chem 104); 

EAS 48800-Climate and Climate Change (EAS 106 and math); 

EAS 31143-Env Assessment2; 

EAS 56100- Geophysics


If your GPA >2.75 and you are senior student, you can choose the graduate level course, which satisfies your needs (please confirm with your faculty advisor).


Independent research classes are optional for Engr and EAS credit. Ask Dr.K about procedure.


Good luck!