Curriculum - BFA in Film & Video


The BFA degree in Film & Video requires a minimum of 54 credits, which includes the 3 pre-requisite courses MCA 10100 (Intro to Media Studies), 10500 (Intro to Media Production), and 12100 (Intro to Film Studies).

The program starts each fall semester and is completed in a 4-semester, 2-year cycle. Students must choose either the fiction or the documentary track and agree to finish the program for that track.

Grade Point Average

Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA for courses within the major to remain in the program. Transcripts are reviewed at the end of every semester to determine students’ GPAs. Two consecutive semesters below a 3.0 GPA may prevent a student from continuing in the program. 

Thesis Projects

A 10-12-minute thesis film project is required of all students for graduation. 

Reel City (our BFA thesis show) takes place at Film at Lincoln Center


BFA Students and Faculty


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