CCNY is continuing their "green" printing policy for Student Technology Fee supported computer labs. By encouraging more conscientious printing habits and reducing waste, green printing will help our college community achieve its goal of creating a more sustainable campus. Any cost-savings realized from this initiative will be reinvested into services that directly support our students.

Current students printing from Tech Fee-funded labs will be allotted 1,000 print credits per current student in the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer periods.


Fall/Winter: 1,000 print credits
Spring/Summer: 1,000 print credits


  • Quotas will be reset in the amount of 1,000 print credits on the day before the start of Fall and Spring semesters
  • There will be no rollover of unused print credits
This quota applies whether you are printing from a Wi-Fi device or from the Tech Fee-funded lab computers.
  • pages sent to the black and white printers will deduct 1 print credit per page.
    (Note: Use of B&W printer: 1 sheet of paper, if printed on 2 sides, is considered 2 print credits)
  • pages sent to the color printer, even if it is black and white, will deduct 4 print credits per page.
    (Note: Use of color printer: 1 sheet of paper, if printed on 2 sides, is considered 8 print credits)
The lab printers default to duplex printing, but users may choose to print single sided.
  • If you exceed your quota, you may purchase print credits from the Bursar’s Office (Administration Bldg.103) in blocks of 100 print credits, for a minimum payment of $10. On presentation of a receipt to the Tech Center Reservation Desk staff, your quota will be updated accordingly
  • If you have a printing issue (e.g., bad quality, a paper jam, etc.) that impacts your print quota, please seek help from a member of lab staff immediately. They will determine what action is warranted up to and including a credit to your print quota
  • WARNING: Protect your print quota. Your account will be charged every time someone prints a job using your User ID. Please ensure that you:
    • you are responsible for printer selection either black and white or color.
      Please check selection before releasing your document. Your account will be charged according to your printer selection
    • do not share your log in credentials. If you have already shared your log in, please change your password *
    • always log out of your account before walking away from the computers
    • pick up your documents as soon as they are released. “Lost” documents will not be reimbursed
    • verify which printers you are using so that you can be sure to pick up your document from the correct printer.job.

* Sharing your log in credentials can lead to security breaches and identity theft, so it is vital that you do not share them. Your login credentials grant you individualized access to e-mail, Wi-Fi networks and lab reservations, as well as software applications that may contain your confidential and sensitive information.

Last Updated: 08/26/2022 16:33