CCNY Wireless Network

CCNY Wireless Network Access Policy

The City College provides wireless network access to all active students, faculty, staff and authorized guests.  Users can log in to CCNY’s wireless network using their CCNY email id and password.

Users must adhere to the CUNY Computer Users Responsibilities Policy, as well as this CCNY Wireless Network Access Policy.

In order to connect to the wireless network, a properly configured wireless 802.11b/g network adapter is needed.  The CCNY wireless network works with most laptops and many PDAs that support standard protocols with no additional hardware or software.  To see instructions on configuring your computer to use the wireless network on campus, go to CCNY's Wireless Access.

Users are expected to secure their machines when they are using wireless network services.  Computers must have active antivirus software. Antivirus signature files and operating system security patches must be kept up to date.  We reserve the right to block or disconnect non-compliant computers from the CCNY wireless network.  Users using the wireless network should also use secure remote access procedures, i.e., passwords should never be disclosed to anyone or shared.

Secure Wireless network services supported are email and CUNY Applications. In addition to these, Hummingbird and mainframe network access services are supported for faculty/staff.


CCNY is not liable for the consequences of wireless network use in any way, including the transmission of computer viruses, loss of data or e-mail, or any harm resulting from the use of an unsecured network server or network access point.

Connecting to CCNY Wi-Fi

To connect to CCNY's wireless network, Faculty, Staff and Students need a valid CCNY e-mail account and password.

If you need to verify username/password for student Citymail accounts, go to Student Password Reset. Faculty/Staff should use the Faculty/Staff Password Reset. CUNY School of Medicine faculty and staff need to use their credentials from their Webmail accounts ( to connect to wireless. CSOM Faculty/Staff should use the CUNY School of Medicine Password Reset.

Last Updated: 04/05/2023 12:25