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Citinet: CCNY's Wireless Network

Information Technology

Citinet: CCNY's Wireless Network

Instructions on Using the Wireless Network on Campus

To connect to CitiNet, CCNY's wireless network, you will need:

Faculty, Staff and Students need a valid CCNY e-mail (Faculty/Staff: Webmail or Students: Citymail) account and password. If you need to verify username/password for student Citymail accounts, go to Student Account Lookup Form.  Faculty/Staff  should use the Faculty/Staff Reset. Please contact the Service Desk if you have any questions.
A computer with a wireless network card. This wireless network card must be 802.11b WiFi compliant.

To determine if your computer already has wireless built in, right-click on the "My Network Places" icon on your Desktop and choose Properties. If wireless is built in, you will see an icon for wireless networking already there.

In order to connect to the wireless network you must have a wireless network card that (at minimum) is 802.11b compliant. Most wireless cards that are available today are 802.11b/g wireless cards. This means that the wireless card supports both protocols 802.11b and 802.11g. Your computer and/or wireless card documentation will tell you if your card is 802.11b complaint.

If your laptop does not have built-in wireless, you can buy a PCMCIA or USB wireless network adapter. A PCMCIA card will fit in the slot on the side of your computer and a USB wireless network adapter will fit in the USB port on your laptop.

Find>> CITINET Wireless Access & Locations

If you need assistance please contact the Service Desk or call: (212) 650-7878.