The staff of the IUSL includes faculty members from the Departments of Physics, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and Microbiology and Immunology; Research Scientists from around the world; administrative staff; Ph.D. and Master’s graduate students; and undergraduate students


Dr. Robert R. Alfano

Vice Deputy Director of Operations:

Dr. Kestutis Sutkus

Associated Faculty:

Dr. Robert R. Alfano
Distinguished Professor of  Science and Engineering

Dr. Adrian Rodriguez-Contreras
Professor of Physics 

Dr. Aidong Shen
Professor of Electrical Engineering 

Dr. Bingmei Shen
Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Bruce Kim
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. David Schmeltzer
Professor of Condensed Matter

Dr. Jiufeng Tu
Professor of Physics

Dr. Roger Dorsinville
Department Chair, Professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Sergey Vitkalov
Professor of Physics

Dr. Vinod Menon
Professor & Chair of Physics 

Dr. Sanna Goyert 
Professor of CUNY School of Medicine

Dr. Teresa Bandosz
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. M.Umit Uyar
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Sang-Woo Seo
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering


Collaborating Faculty:

Dr. Lingyan Shi
Assistant Professor of Bio-Engineering, University of California San Diego

Dr. Enrique J. Galvez
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Colgate University

Dr. Travis Craddock 

Research Centers Facilities Manager in Photonics:

Dr. Mikhail Yu. Sharonov

Senior Research and Engineering Staff:

Mr. Yury Budansky

Dr. Mikhail Yu. Sharonov

Research Staff:

Ms. Cheng-Hui Liu

Dr. Pavel L. Shumyatskiy

Dr. Laura Sordillo
MS Physics, Ph.D EE


Ms. Joan Brijlall

Ms. Sonali Shintre
Administrative Assistant, Graphic Designer

Graduate Students:

Mr. Henry Meyer
Ph.D EE (current)

Ms. Sandra Mamani
Ph.D EE (current)

Mr. Shah F.B Mazhar
Ph.D Physics (current)

Undergraduate Students:

Ms. Shirley Chan
Biology Major

Mr. Jia Hui Weng
Physics  Major

Mr. Filipp Fedorov
EE  Major

Mr. Noah Allen Hovde
EE  Major

Taichi Murakami

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