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Institute for Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers


The staff of the IUSL includes faculty members from the Departments of Physics, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and Microbiology and Immunology; research scientists from around the world; administrative staff; Ph.D. and Master’s graduate students; and undergraduate students


Dr. Robert R. Alfano

Vice Deputy Director of Operations:

Dr. Kestutis Sutkus

Associated Faculty:

Dr. Robert R. Alfano
Distinguished Professor of
Science and Engineering

Dr. Swapan K. Gayen
Professor of Physics

Dr. Ping-Pei Ho
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Vladimir Petricevic
Professor of Physics

Collaborating Faculty:

Dr. Valeria Balogh-Nair
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Joseph L. Birman
Distinguished Professor of Physics

Dr. Joel I. Gersten
Professor of Physics

Dr. Paul Gottlieb
Assistant Medical Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Leslie L. Isaacs
Professor of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Jeff Steiner
Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Maria Tamargo
Professor of Chemistry

Research Centers Facilities Manager in Photonics:

Dr. Mikhail Yu. Sharonov

Senior Research and Engineering Staff:

Mr. Yury Budansky

Dr. Alexei Bykov

Dr. Wei Cai

Dr. Mikhail Yu. Sharonov

Dr. Wubao Wang

Dr. Losif Zeylikovich

Research Staff:

Ms. Aleksandra Alimova

Dr. Mohammad Al-Rubaiee

Dr. Bidyut Das

Dr. Taposh Gayen

Dr. Uladzimir Kartazayeu

Ms. Cheng-Hui Liu

Dr. Xiaohui Ni

Dr. Pavel L. Shumyatskiy

Dr. Masood Siddique

Dr. Vidyasagar Sriramoju

Dr. Henry Sztul

Mr. Guichen Tang


Ms. Joan Brijlall
Bookkeeper and Literature Clerk

Mr. Taposh Gayen
Technical and Administrative
Coordinator for DoD Center for Nanoscale Photonics

Ms. Lauren Gohara
Administrative Assistant, Graphic Designer

Graduate Students:

Mr. Pierre Bouzi
EE Master

Mr. Pierre A. Galland
Physics Ph.D.

Mr. Michelet Jeanty
EE Ph.D.

Mr. Zarak Khan
EE Master

Mr. Giovanni Milione
Physics Ph.D.

Mr. Ivan Popov
ChemE Ph.D.

Mr. Yang Pu
EE Ph.D.

Mr. Shaheed Rahim
EE Master

Mr. Binlin Wu
Physics Ph.D.

Undergraduate Students:

Mr. Yousry Abdalla

Mr. Peter Agcaian

Mr. Andrew Byro

Mr. Rahul Chakraverty

Ms. Lubna Choudhury

Ms. Shafika Elder

Ms. Priya Jaswal
Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Ronex Muthukattil

Mr. Vasilios Passias

Ms. Sidra Piracha

Mr. Eric Sanchez