Degree and Major


Required Courses (9 Credits)
  • PSC 10100: American Government and Politics (3 Credits)                               
  • PSC 12400: Political Ideas and Issues (3 Credits)                                               
  • PSC 10400: World Politics* (3 Credits)                                                                   
Elective Courses (27 Credits)
In addition at least 9 courses, including the following distribution across the four subfields of political science:                  
  • Two (2) United States Politics (6 Credits)                                                            
  • One (1) Comparative Politics and Government (3 Credits)                                  
  • One (1) International Relations (3 Credits)                                                          
  • One (1) Political Theory and Philosophy (3 Credits)                                            
  • Four (4) additional Political Science courses from any subfield (12 Credits)
Total Credits: 36
*Those who entered City College before fall 2013 are not required to take PSC 10400, but must instead complete one additional elective from any subfield.   
All Political Science majors must also complete the following courses:
  • The New Student Seminar or New Transfer Student Seminar (0 credits)
  • English 11000: Freshman Composition (3 credits)
  • English 21000 or equivalent: Second Level Writing Course (3 credits)
  • Speech 11100 (3 credits) or passage of the Speech Proficiency test
  • The College Core Curriculum suitable for a B.A. in political science
In addition, all students must:
  • Complete the College Proficiency Examination (after completing 45 but no more than 60 credits).
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language, either by having completed four years of foreign language in high school or a fourth semester-level course at City College.
  • Fulfill requirements for Writing Across the Curriculum, which involves three elective-level courses that are identified as requiring at least 3,500 words of writing. Courses designated with a (W) at the end of their course descriptions fulfill this requirement.