The principal source for advising and for grad checks is the departmental advisor, Prof. Bernstein.  Professor Bernstein can be reached by email at either of two email addresses: and   He will monitor both emails regularly on at least a daily basis.  He will also be able to confirm student completion of the Legal Studies Minor as well.  Signed forms will be emailed to students. 


Students seeking advising for the Community Change Studies Minor or the Public Policy Minor should contact Professor Krinksy:


If other advisors are not available, the Department Chairman, Prof. DiSalvo ( ) should be contacted and will address all advising questions and sign grad check forms. ​


The Political Science Department assigns a faculty advisor to each Political Science major. New majors not yet assigned to an advisor, or majors seeking a new advisor, should consult with the chair (or Deputy Chair) of the department so they can be assigned an advisor in their particular field of interest.


Professor Daniel DiSalvo, Chair

NAC 4/136



Professor Richard Bernstein, Departmental Advisor

NAC 4/138A




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