DoSSC Math Department Leaders

Veronica Koval



Refath Bari


Refath Bariis Math & Physics student at CCNY with a 4.0 GPA. He graduated from Brooklyn Tech in 2021 as a Math Major with a Perfect ACT Score. At Brooklyn Tech, he created pedagogical simulations of Electromagnetic and Relativistic phenomenon under the mentorship of MIT Physicist and Lehman College Professor Dr.Daniel Kabat. He subsequently served as an AI Researcher in Prof. Carlos Meriles’ Condensed Matter Lab. Soon after, his numerical solution to the generalized brachis to chrone problem was accepted for publication to the 2023 Issue of The Physics Teacher Journal. He is currently working on lever aging modern ab-initio techniques to model Hycean exoplanet susing super computers. He has contributed to The Washington Examiner and is author of 55 Days In Dharavi. At CCNY, Refath has been involved as Senator of CCNY’s Undergraduate Student Government, Managing Editor of The Paper, and Contributor to The Campus and is a 2023 NBCU Academy Fellow.

Raghda Aboushanab


Raghda is a senior student at CCNYSchool of Education. She is an enthusiastic matheducator who aspires to create amazing students who see and understand mathematicsas it applies to their lives. She is also a Bilingual specialist in theArabic language andwants to sustain students that encounter language barrier concerns. She is currentlyworking as a peer mentor at BMCC and contact tracer/ case-investigator to serve hernation during the pandemic to fight against the Covid-19 virus. She is a scholar at theSEEK department, a member at NYC MenTeach, a member atThe National Society ofLeadership and Success (NSLS), and a member attheWomen in Science Organization(WINS). She was a valedictorian candidate at BMCC in 2021. She was selectedrecentlyas a leader in the Divisionof Science StudentCouncil (DoSSC) at CCNYandhopes to impact students positively at CCNYthroughout DoSSC and improve herleadership skills tremendously.

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