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About Us

Baskerville Chemical Society (BCS) was founded by Chemistry students at CCNY in memory of Charles Baskerville in 1922 and has long been the official undergraduate chemistry club of the City College of New York. Most of the club’s events, while being educational and informative in nature, serve to connect like-minded students interested in the chemical sciences. Throughout the year, the club plans to host various seminars and events to bring chemistry majors (as well as those interested) together and serve as the bridge between the students and faculty of the department. The club is a supportive network for chemistry and biochemistry majors.

Our Mission

The club serves as a means of promoting intellectual discussion, informing undergraduates of opportunities in Chemistry, and promoting public interest in Chemistry and related fields. In addition, we are here to facilitate communication between the students and faculty and to voice students concerns with the department.

The 2021-22 E-Board

President: Nathanael Singh

Vice President: Kayla Hernandez

Treasurer: Arthur Egel

Secretary: Dani Eschweiller

Upcoming Events


Contact Us

Email: basksoc@gmail.com

Room: MR 1102

How To Join

Please email us at  basksoc@gmail.com letting us know you would like to be a part of BCS along with your name, email and major. You will be added to our mailing list to receive our emails. Feel free to come to any of our events that are of interest.

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