DoSSC Physics Department Leaders

Charanjot Singh


I am Charanjot Singh, a physics major with a standard physics concentration. I grew up in India where at a young age, I began questioning the functionality of the world around me. I got my hands on a few encyclopaedias at a bookstore once, which helped me in understanding most of what I questioned through science, especially physics. I kept looking on the internet for more and more articles and videos about physics as a child. I made my first ever science project in 9th grade for an exhibition, which was a Van De Graff generator made from scrap materials. As I grew up, I understood that physics was my path to finding the answers to my questions, which led to me pursuing physics professionally. I intend to become a researcher in the future in the field of quantum physics or particle physics. In my free time, I play instruments, make music, write books which I wish to publish one day, and make comics and small animation loops.

Addy Sharma


Refath Bari


Refath Bariis Math & Physics student at CCNY with a 4.0 GPA. He graduated from Brooklyn Tech in 2021 as a Math Major with a Perfect ACT Score. At Brooklyn Tech, he created pedagogical simulations of Electromagnetic and Relativistic phenomenon under the mentorship of MIT Physicist and Lehman College Professor Dr.Daniel Kabat. He subsequently served as an AI Researcher in Prof. Carlos Meriles’ Condensed Matter Lab. Soon after, his numerical solution to the generalized brachis to chrone problem was accepted for publication to the 2023 Issue of The Physics Teacher Journal. He is currently working on lever aging modern ab-initio techniques to model Hycean exoplanet susing super computers. He has contributed to The Washington Examiner and is author of 55 Days In Dharavi. At CCNY, Refath has been involved as Senator of CCNY’s Undergraduate Student Government, Managing Editor of The Paper, and Contributor to The Campus and is a 2023 NBCU Academy Fellow.

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