DoSSC Physics Department Leaders

Charanjot Singh


I am Charanjot Singh, a physics major with a standard physics concentration. I grew up in India where at a young age, I began questioning the functionality of the world around me. I got my hands on a few encyclopaedias at a bookstore once, which helped me in understanding most of what I questioned through science, especially physics. I kept looking on the internet for more and more articles and videos about physics as a child. I made my first ever science project in 9th grade for an exhibition, which was a Van De Graff generator made from scrap materials. As I grew up, I understood that physics was my path to finding the answers to my questions, which led to me pursuing physics professionally. I intend to become a researcher in the future in the field of quantum physics or particle physics. In my free time, I play instruments, make music, write books which I wish to publish one day, and make comics and small animation loops.

Alexander Cernei


Hello, my name is Alexander Cernei, and I am a physics and mathematics double major. During my time at CCNY, I have been constantly working on broadening the academic opportunities and improving the educational experience of my peers by organizing hackathons, mentoring underclassmen, and facilitating many various physics-related events and activities through the CCNY physics club. Academically, I am interested in theoretical physics research, particularly in the field of quantum information theory, and plan to pursue a Ph.D. in theoretical physics with the intent of becoming a professor. In my free time, I enjoy reading, baking, and spending time with cats.

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