DoSSC Sustainability Department Leaders

Kathy Cazhco


Kathy graduated with a Masters in Literacy Education from St. John’s University. During her time in college, she noticed the lack of environmental education across schools which led her to pursue her passion for sustainability. She is currently studying for her Masters in Sustainability in the Urban Environment with the goal to make environmental education accessible to all. She strongly believes learning occurs when students are having fun and making mistakes. During her free time, Kathy enjoys scrapbooking, trying new foods, photography, traveling and hiking.

Jay Wu



Residence: Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Occupation: Helped found an advertising technology startup, now Interim Program Manager for Sustainability in the Urban Environment 

Goals / Interests: I’m interested in how international trade policies have affected ecological footprint, and how we can bring the labor movement and climate movement together to address decarbonization.

Fun fact: My first date with my partner was a dog agility competition. I had to hide the fact that I was scared of dogs! Four years later, and now we’re raising a rescue pup named Auggie.

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