Graduation and Certification


To graduate from CCNY one must apply. Applications for graduation can be obtained at the Information Desk in the North Academic Center lobby or at the Office of the Registrar. Application deadlines are March 1, July 1 and November 1 for the June, September, and February graduation dates, respectively. Students who expect to graduate should meet with their advisors to ensure that they have met all graduation and certification requirements for their program. If for some reason a student does not graduate on the date expected, the graduation application must be resubmitted.


Students are recommended by the CCNY Certification Officer for initial or professional state certification only after they have completed a CCNY registered program. To be eligible for such a recommendation, a candidate’s transcript must indicate that the expected degree or program certificate has been completed.

Completing the program does not automatically certify students. Teacher certification candidates must apply for certification, be recommended by the college, and approved by the State. To begin this process, students need to obtain an application for certification and gather the required documentation to complete this application. Applications are available in North Academic Center, Room 3/213.

Students should begin this application process as soon as possible, especially in the face of deadlines or expiration dates, because it can be time consuming.

No application can be sent to the state without an official transcript that is stamped with a degree or program certification completion notation.

For non-degree programs, such as the advanced certificate program, all program requirements must first be met.

Students should understand that once the application is sent, certification rests in the hands of the state; we can only recommend students, not certify them.

The CCNY Certification Officer can only recommend for certification, a candidate who has completed a New York State registered CCNY program. To apply for certification without having completed a program, one should go to the “Teacher” section of the NYS Education Department's Website. Requirements for certification through transcript review are available on that web site.

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