Stream B: Master of Science Education Degree in Middle School Science Education, Professional Certification

  • Total Credits: 32
  • Required Courses (14 credits):1

SCI 4103E: Nature of Science (3 credits)
EDSE 3101E: Teaching Science in Middle  Schools (4 credits)
EDSE 3900I: Curriculum and Instruction in Science (4 credits)
EDSE 7202I: Masters project: Science (3 credits)2

  • Three of the following 4 courses (12 credits)

SCI 1403E: Physical Science for Middle School Teachers 1 (4 credits)
SCI 1404E: Physical Science for Middle School Teachers 2 (4 credits)
SCI 4101E: Life Science for Middle School Teachers 1 (4 credits)
SCI 4102E: Life Science for Middle School Teachers 2 (4 credits)

  • Graduate courses in science (6 credits)3
  • Additional requirement:

Sufficient concentration in biology, chemistry, earth science, or physics: Determined in consultation with advisor.

1 If initial certification did not include a course in Special Education, then SPED 5000K must be taken in addition to the courses listed here.

2 In order to enroll in EDSE 7202I, you must be in your last year in the program, have a GPA of at least 3.0, have passed a CST in science, and obtain permission of program advisor during an in-person meeting in the previous semester.

3 Selected in consultation with a program advisor.

These are the requirements if admitted for summer 2019 or later.

Any changes or deviations from the above program requirements must obtain written advisor approval.

If admitted before summer 2019

Please consult with the Science Education Program Director (Professor Yael Wyner, ) as soon as you decide you may be interested in pursuing this program.

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