Undergraduate Minor in Science Education

If admitted for summer 2013 or later

EDSE 32500: Special Issues for Secondary School Teachers (2 credits)
SPED 32000: Introduction to Inclusive Education (3 credits)
EDSE 41900: Child Abuse and Health Education Seminar (0 credits)
EDSE 44300: Methods of Teaching Secondary School Science (4 credits)
EDSE 44301: Adolescent Learning of Science (1 credit)
EDSE 45103: Development of the Secondary School: Philosophy, Urban Issues and Curriculum Development in Secondary School Science (4 credits)
EDSE 46300/46301: Student Teaching and Teacher Education Seminar (6 credits)*

* Prerequisites for student teaching include completion of education course work, standardized exams, and meeting with science education advisor and field work coordinator early in the semester preceding student teaching.

If admitted before summer 2013