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Test Day Tips

Evaluation and Testing

Test Day Tips

  • Get plenty of rest the night before the test. The best thing to do the evening before the test is to get a good night's sleep. You've covered the content and you've perfected the skills. Now it's time to get in test mode -- calm, rested, confident, and ready.
  • Breakfast/Lunch is essential every day and is even more important on test taking days. Depending on what test you are taking you may be testing as long as 90 minutes per test and you will not be allowed to eat a “snack” during the test or leave the testing room for the entire duration of the test.
  • Dress comfortably. Temperature in test centers can vary from warmer to cooler. Be prepared for both extremes and everything in-between. Consider dressing in layers so you’ll be comfortable to do your best. 
  • Check your testing letter and the location of the test center you have been assigned to. Before the test day you may want to scope out your test center location, to see how to get there and what time you’ll have to leave home to arrive on time. Getting to the testing center should be the least of your concerns.
  • Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your test time. Give yourself time to relax and reflect for several minutes before the test begins. Arriving late may cause unnecessary anxiety. Also, if you arrived after testing has started you will not be allowed to enter the testing room and will be required to reschedule the test at a later time.
  • If you arrive earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled time, you might have to wait outside until testing staff completes its arrangements.
  • Your attitude and outlook are crucial to your test-day performance. Be confident.
  • Pay close attention to directions.
  • Be ready to start after everyone has been checked in.
  • Make sure you have acceptable identification. Acceptable forms of photo identification include: a current driver’s license, current state-approved ID, middle school ID, high school ID, college ID, current federal ID, current passport, tribal ID, naturalization card or certificate of citizenship. You will not be admitted without proper ID.
  • You must bring the following items on the day of the test:

A valid photo ID
Pens and #2 pencils
One non-electronic dictionary (a paperback dictionary is recommended), bilingual if preferred.  The use of the dictionary is permitted only for the CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW).



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