Media Center and Language Lab



Nac 6/205
The Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures at CCNY welcomes you to the Media Center.
This lab is set up to enable students to empower themselves and to achieve maximum benefits
as they progress through their foreign language and literature courses.



      1.   Students must always present their student I.D. at the Center.
      2.   Students must handle materials (e.g., computers, printers, CD-Roms, etc.) with
            care and responsibility at all times. 
      3.   Absolutely no food or drink is allowed.

Information for instructors

It is important the you explain the content of the CD-Roms to the students before their
first session at the Center. Upon your arrival at the Center, please introduce the
Media Center Assistant and remind students to raise their hands for assistance.

- Planning: Before each session at the Center

      1.    Always go to the Media Center prepared with the assignment. It is highly
            recommended that you preview at home the activities that you plan to assign.
            If you do not own a computer or are not connected to the Internet at home,
            feel free to use the connection in the Rifkind Center Room for Faculty (NAC 6/219).

      2.    Do not plan an entire class around intemet-related activities. Excess traffic
            on the net or network failure may force you to take an alternative approach.

      3.    Organize your class in order to take full advantage of your time at the Media Center,
            selecting activities such as the following:
            A.  Audiovisual activities (video playing & post-viewing activities)
            B.  Pronunciation activities
            C.  Listening comprehension activities
            D.  Cultural component

- During class at the Center

        1.  If your class has more students than the number of computers available,
            try to seat good students together.
        2.  Write the activities and the specific amount of time to complete each activity
            on the board.
        3.  Whenever the students are to print an activity, remind them to include their
            names on the document.
        4.  A few minutes before the end of the session, ask the students who have finished
            their task to turn in their materials at that time, thus, avoiding a rush to the
            Assistant's office at the last minute.