Program Description - Stream B

34 Credits Leading to M.S.ED Degree in Educational Theatre, Professional Certification in Initial Certification Area, and Initial Certification in Theatre Pre K-12

Program Planning Sheet

Candidates who may not hold a B.A. in Theatre but do already hold initial teacher certification (in areas such as early childhood, childhood, or any secondary school content area) would be admitted into Stream B. This stream will lead to professional certification in the area of their initial certification and initial certification in educational theatre.  These students are exempt from the Generalized Pedagogical Core. The state requires 120 hours (20 full days) of student teaching in educational theatre. Students lacking an undergraduate degree in theatre will be required to complete 12 credits of pre /co-requisites of basic theatre courses (Acting Styles; Directing; Dramatic Literature/Theatre History; Design/Technical Theatre) offered in the undergraduate level through City College.


EDCE 7700A: Drama in Education 3 Credits (Offered in Fall Semester) *Required First Semester
EDCE 7600A: Artistic Lab I 0 Credit (Offered as a Lab with Drama in Education) (Offered in Fall Semester)
EDCE 4400C: Arts Integration: Theatre and Related Arts in the Curriculum (Grades PK-12) +15 Hours of Fieldwork
EDCE 3600C: Theatre for Youth and Young Audiences 3 Credits +15 Hours of Fieldwork) (Offered in Fall Semester)
EDCE 3700C: Fundamentals of Teaching Theatre (Offered in Fall Semester) +15 Hours of Fieldwork
EDCE 4500C: Fundamentals of Teaching Technical Theatre (Offered in Spring Semester) +15 Hours of Fieldwork
EDCE 7800A: Exploring the History of Theatre (Offered in Spring Semester)
EDCE 3100F: Curriculum Development in Educational Theatre (Offered in Spring Semester) +15 Hours of Fieldwork
To be taken the semester prior to Student/Supervised Teaching
EDCE 7601A: Artistic Lab II 0 Credit (To be taken along Research II)
EDCE 22061: Content Research Seminar in Educational Theatre I (Offered in Fall Semester)
EDCE 2900I: Content Research Seminar in Educational Theatre II (Offered in Spring Semester)
(These two courses are to be taken over the final two Semesters)

(Completed 80% of Coursework i.e. 5 Courses Complete and over 40 Hours of Fieldwork Complete)


Choose ONE of each 3 Credits Including Seminar
EDCE 7201G: Student/Supervised Teaching in Educational Theatre (PK-6)
EDCE 7202G: Student/Supervised Teaching in Educational Theatre (7-12)
EDCE 7204G: Seminar in Educational Theatre
EDCE 7205G: Seminar in Educational Theatre (7-12)


EDCE 7500F: Special Topics in Educational Theatre (1 Credit Weekend Course that changes each semester- you can take up to 3 to equal one 3 credit course)
EDCE 4600C: Applied Theatre
EDCE 6000F: Conflict Resolution Through Drama
EDCE 7900A: Devising Theatre
EDCE 4100F: Developing Curriculum in Non-traditional Settings (Offered in Spring Semester)
EDCE 4500K: Inclusive Practices for the Arts 3 Credits +15 Hours of Fieldwork 
*Required if did not take in first certification program
EDCE 7400C: Teaching Literacy Through Drama 3 Credits +15 Hours of Fieldwork
EDCE 3203N: Teaching English Language Learners Through Drama 3 Credits +15 Hours of Fieldwork
*Or other course from list pending approval Program Director

Required Certification Exams: CST Theatre