What is the cost per credit?

Tuition and Fee Information

What is Non-Matriculation Status?

As a non-matriculated student you are allowed to take courses here at CCNY (up to 9 credits). If you then choose to matriculate into the program all your courses and credits will transfer into the program.

Why is Non-Matriculation a good idea?

As a non-matriculated student (also known as a non-degree student) you can get a head start on taking courses for the program if you have missed the admissions deadline.

It allows you to sample a course from the program before you commit to enrolling.

For more information please visit https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/admissions/applications

I hold B.F.A –am I eligible to apply?

Yes you can apply for the MSED in Educational Theatre (non certification).  For certification candidates you must have 30 undergraduate credits of theatre and for those who already hold certification in another content area you must have 15 undergraduate credits of theatre. 

  • Artistic Expression (i.e. art, dance, music, or theater)
  • Communication (i.e. communication, English, written or literary analysis or composition)
  • Information Retrieval (i.e. library studies, research, computer literacy, and educational technology)
  • Humanities  (i.e. concerned with human thought and culture, such as literature, religion, philosophy, and cultural anthropology)
  • Foreign Language Courses (i. e. Culture, civilization, and film courses are acceptable when offered by the language department as part of a concentration in that language)
  • Written Analysis & Expression (i.e. English composition, creative writing, and introduction to writing)
  • Concepts in Historical/Social Sciences (i. e. history, geography, anthropology, economics, sociology, and political science)
  • Scientific Process (i.e. biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics *)
  • Mathematical Processes(i.e mathematical reasoning, quantitative methods, number theory and concepts, algebra, analytic geometry, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, data analysis, probability, and discrete mathematics. Courses in computer science, accounting, finance, and studies in which mathematics is applied to solving problems (e.g., engineering) are not acceptable)

Am I eligible to waive a credit?

If you are matriculated in the Program in Educational Theatre at City College and have an undergraduate or graduate course that is the equivalent to the following courses you may have it waived only with permission from the Program Director: EDUC 7100A, EDUC 7200A, EDUC 7300A, EDUC 7500A, or EDCE 4500K.

Am I eligible to transfer in credits?

If you are matriculated in the Program in Educational Theatre at City College you may be able to transfer up to 6 graduate level credits that were not applied toward another graduate degree. This specifically pertains to those who have taken classes in an Educational Theatre program or an equivalent program. Transferring of credits requires permission from the Program Director.

Am I eligible to substitute credits if I already have taken a course that is required?

Yes! If you have already taken one of the courses required –either in your undergraduate work or during other course work then you will not have to take that course again and we can substitute the course for another course.

I do not hold a degree in Theatre –am I eligible to apply?

Yes you can apply for Stream D. For Stream A the state does require 30 hours of theatre

Do I have to have to go through the program to get certified in Theatre or can I do it on my own?

Anyone with a minimum of 30 hours of theater (undergrad) as well as the other general BA requirements, 12 hours of education course work and the student teaching requirement, can take the theater CST and then request a transcript review. If they already have a NYS teaching certificate in any content area and the 30 hours of theater course work they can proceed to the CST. The requirements for any initial certificate are available on the State Ed website. However it is MUCH easier to fulfill these requirements under the guide of the university staff.

Can I go Part-Time or Full-Time?

Most participants are part-time candidates which mean they take 1 or 2 courses a semester. Those who are full-time students take 3 to 4 courses a semester. Please note the graduate courses (with the exception of student teaching or practicum's) meet in the evening. There is no way to go full-time by taking day time courses.

When do classes meet?

During the Fall and Spring semester all classes meet M-F at either 4:50-7:20p OR 7:30-10:00p. 

In the Summer –courses meet for one month intensives in Summer Session I which meets in June and Summer Session II which meets in July.  These courses either meet M-T for 2.5 hrs OR two days a week for 5.5 hrs. 

What are the application deadlines?

               Our program accepts applications March 15th  to begin the following Fall semester and October 15th to begin the following Spring.  

                 Candidates have the option to register in the Fall, Spring and Summer as a non-matriculated student.   Please check our website for requirements and for dates of registration each semester.

How long are the semesters?

Fall                        last week in Aug til third week in Dec.
Spring                   last week in Jan til third week in May
Summer                sessions in June/July/August

Where can I fulfill my pre-requisites?

Pre-requisites do not have to be completed at The City College of New York.  They must be completed at an accredited institution and must have the equivalent of 3 credits.  Attached is a google doc sharing information on pre-requisite courses that current candidates have suggested.  If you have taken a pre-requisite course that you suggest, please feel free to add to the google doc and share.

Can I get Dual Certified?

CCNY does not recognize dual certification but you can get a second certification after you complete the Ed Theatre program –at an advanced pace

For information on Childhood Education contact Program Director visit their program page: https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/childhooded/

For information on Secondary English Education contact Program Director Andrew Ratner at  aratner@ccny.cuny.edu  or visit their program page: https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/englished/

If you are interested in a dual certification not listed above please contact Educational Theatre Program Director Jennifer Katona  educationaltheare@ccny.cuny.edu .

How do I get to The City College of New York?


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