Amount Only Requisitions

  • "Amount Only" is the CUNYfirst term for "blanket" or "open-market" order.
  • Amount Only purchase orders are in place for a single fiscal year and are used if a department is unable to predict the cost of specific goods or services or the associated quantities.
  • Amount Only requisitions have one line item and NEVER have a separate shipping line item.  The quantity of an Amount Only requisition is always "1." 
  • Amount Only requisitions are NOT to be used to avoid or circumvent standard purchasing policies and procedures when the cost of goods/services and quantities are known.
  • Amount Only requisitions CANNOT be used for the purchase of equipment.
  • In order to increase an existing Amount Only purchase order (P.O.), departments must submit a new requisition through CUNYfirst for the additional amount and cite the existing purchase order (P.O) number in the comments section of the new requisition.  Remember to designate the new requisition as 'Amount Only' (see below).
  • In order to decrease an existing Amount Only P.O., departments must contact the" rel="nofollow"> .

The "Amount Only" designation is also used for any shipping charges included as a separate line item in a regular requisition.  Use the following CUNYfirst Category Code for regular requisition shipping amounts and designate the shipping line as "Amount Only":

Category Code Category Name
7810000000 Mail & Cargo Transport



How to Designate a CUNYfirst Requisition (or Line Item) as Amount Only:

1. On the "Review and Submit" page of the requisition, click the "Line Details" icon, (next to the "Comments" bubble).



2. In the "Line Details" window, select the "Amount Only" checkbox.


3. Click "OK" to return to the "Review and Submit" page. 

The "Amount Only" designation MUST be performed, (where applicable), to ensure the proper configuration of purchase orders and system receipts.  Failure to perform this designation may result in payment delays to vendors.



Suggested Vendors for Amount Only Requisitions:

Bottled Water/Refreshment Services:
2000010696   Nestle Waters North America (dba Deer Park/Poland Springs/Nestle Pure Life)
Postal & Mailing Services:
2000009921   Federal Express Corporation (FedEx)
Office Supplies:
2000004048   ProfTech LLC
Catering & Food Services:
Refer to Updated Food Catering Services memorandum dated 03/27/2019 and  Modest Meals & Light Refreshments for guidance and additional information

The Purchasing department may require the submission of Amount Only requisitions from departments for certain vendors and/or situations. 

Please contact  if you have any questions about situations and/or vendors that may qualify as candidates for Amount Only requisitions. 


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