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Finance and Administration


Enterprise Print Management or Managed Print Services is a leading practice for large organizations, as a new model for the delivery of services around Print.  Xerox has performed similar services for private and public sector clients, to standardize and simplify processes, to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
The City of New York has awarded Xerox a 5 year contract to provide an Enterprise Print Management Solution called NYC PrintSmart, for all Mayoral Agencies and is made available to CUNY.


Reduce Overall Print Spend

Reduce printing costs of devices utilizing the Price per Print model.

Right Size the Agency Print Fleet

Recommend an optimal print environment that consolidates the number and type of devices.

Consumables Management

Proactive monitoring of the networks to ensure devices are supplied with toner, on an as needed basis. 

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Support NYC sustainability initiatives by reducing waste and power consumption. 

Meet Security Requirements

Support DoITT print security policies helping us to maintain security and confidentiality.

Improve Productivity

Simplify device support to help employees stay focused on their business goals, improve level of service and help reduce the IT workload.

Improve Workflows

Standardize technology as an “on ramp” to automate document workflows and reduce excess printing.

Provide Innovative Solutions

Simple and secure print solutions that support mobile workers.


Cost Benefits 


Individualized design standards based on department’s needs, achieving rationalization and optimization objectives.


Price Per Impression (PPI) Model (Pay only for what is printed):

Includes: Equipment, Service, Supplies, Design Planning, Assessment Consultation, Training, Implementation, Change Management and On-going Program Management.
  • All inclusive PPI for fully Managed Print Services
  • Elimination of any upfront capital expense or lease obligations
  • Extremely simplified billing and operating expense management
  • Leverage enterprise model with decreasing costs, as participation increases throughout the NYC agencies 

Balanced Deployment

Incorporating “IT rationalization” with “optimization” principals to create tailored print environment, without design criteria deviation.


Project Implementation


Phase I - Assessment and Strategy Development

  • Analysis of current print infrastructure.
  • Development of Current State Assessment (“CSA”) and Baseline (TCO) - 
  • Present a Future State Document (“FSD”) – showing recommended optimal print environment.
  • Present Gap Analysis – showing projected savings from FSD

Phase II - Limited Implementation

Phase III - Completion of Implementation and Steady State

  • Develop a schedule to implement PrintSmart services throughout the college.



Lucian Pinckney

Wingate Hall
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New York, NY  10031

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