Modify CUNYfirst Chartfields

CUNYfirst chartfields provide the basic financial data structure to segregate and organize transactional and budget data and allows for detailed reporting at the department level.  

There are eight chartfields:  Account, Fund, Department, Major Purpose, Operating Unit, Program, Funding Source and Special Initiative.  Each has a defined purpose and the combination of chartfields brings meaning to transactions for both recording and reporting purposes.

Generally, requesters never have to change their default chartfield structure when creating requisitions.  The chartfield information defaults, based on the user's system profile.  

However, some requesters oversee multiple budgets and, therefore, will have to modify the default chartfield information in order to charge the appropriate funds.

Important Note: Do not attempt to modify chartfields in the "Define Requisitions" tab when creating or editing CUNYfirst requisitions.  Changes to chartfields made in the "Define Requisitions" tab do not transmit to Purchasing through the CUNYfirst routing process.  The only way to successfully modify chartfields and retain your changes is to perform your modifications in the "Review and Submit" tab as outlined below:


How to Modify CUNYfirst Chartfields:

  1. On the "Review and Submit" page of the requisition, select all lines and click the "Modify Line/Shipping/Accounting" button.

    review_submit (2)

  2. In the "Modify Line/Shipping/Accounting" window, select the "Chartfields2" or "Chartfields3"tab.


  3. Adjust the appropriate chartfields, (e.g. Operating Unit, Fund, Department, Program, Major Purpose, Special Initiative) and click "Apply."  Use the lookup tools, if necessary, (see also CCNY Chartfield Structure Lookup tool.) 


  4. The "Distribution Change Options" dialog box defaults to "All Distribution Lines."  Click "OK" to apply your changes to all existing distribution lines in your requisition. 


Last Updated: 04/25/2020 07:20