Blackboard Collaborate Ultra – (Student)


How do access Blackboard Collaborative?
Log into your Blackboard account and access your active course. Under the course menu, on the right hand side, select Tools. Click on Blackboard Collaborative Ultra. Your sessions will be displayed and if available, you can join or dial in.

Do Users need to install any software to obtain access to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?
No. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra opens right in your browser*, so you don’t have to install any software to join a session.

* Preferred Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome can be used as an alternative

How do I join a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session?
Depending on the session and moderator, you can join a session directly from a web link, from your course and from your phone.

  • From a weblink: Your moderator/instructor has sent you a link to join the session. Open the link in your computer or mobile browser.
  • From your course: Once your instructor has created a session, enter your Blackboard course click on Tools >> Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

How can I access it on a phone or tablet?
On a tablet, you can access BB Collaborate by using a preferred browser and logging into your Blackboard account. Students can also download the Blackboard app through your app store

How can I present material during a session?
Students can only present material if the instructor has given you permission as a presenter or moderator. Select Share Content and upload your files.

How do I present my project to my class?
Moderators/instructors can make participants presenters. As presenters you can upload, share, edit and stop sharing content.

Where can I find the recordings of the session?
After the session has ended, click on the Blackboard Collaborate menu Blackboard Collaborate menu  and select Recordings. There may be a delay as to when the recording is listed. Make sure to change your filters before requesting assistance.

Why aren’t the recordings and shared material listed?
The instructor must make all recordings and material available for download or add it into the content section of the course.

Can a participant create a breakout group?
Participants cannot create groups. This action is reserved for only moderators of the session.

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