iPad Guide

iPad                           Download: iPad Guide PDF

In order to use the Labstats application you will need to have the Remote Desktop 8 download to your device.

1.  To download the Remote Desktop, go to the Apps store, on the table, search for Remote Desktop 8, and click Get.

An image showing the download

2.   To access Labstats

      Link: https://remoteaccess.labstats.com/City-College-of-New-York


3.   Under the Computer Labs column, select the lab section you will like to connect to, and click Connect next to the computer. Click Download and Open in.

Image of clicking Computer labs, Tech Center General Section 1 and Connect


4.   Click the file to Download and open.

Image showing where to open the downloaded file


5.   Enter Citymail email credentials click Continue

note: Please note you need to use itcs\[username\ for username. (Ex: itcs\jdoe000)

Image of credentials being put in and clicking Ok


6. You my get this pop up if you are using any Bluetooth devices )Ex: Bluetooth keyboard). If you are using any Bluetooth devices, click OK.

Clicking Ok on Bluetooth image


7.   On the desktop screen, you will see three icons... click the middle icon.

Click on the middle icon of the three icons


8.   On the following screen, click on the Mouse Icon. This will turn your iPad screen into a mouse pointer. You will still use your finger touch on your iPad, but the click will be more like a regular mouse. The pointer and your finger might not be synced, but if you use the finger pointer, it will be much more lagged and will not click correctly like a mouse.

Image showing to click the mouse pointer on the top of the screen


9.   When finished with the session, click on the Start menu (on the remote computer)

Image of clicking on windows and then sign out to end your session


10.   Click on your avatar followed by the Sign Out option. This will sing you out from the remoted computer. DO NOT click Shut Down, or Restart it will not all for users to access this workstation.

Last Updated: 04/01/2024 11:54