Faculty and staff profiles

Faculty and Staff

Brian Aguilar Avila

Administrative Specialist

o: 3.320 Center for Discovery and Innovation
p: 212-650-8426

A H Rezwanuddin Ahmed


o: Steinman Hall

Marom Bikson


o: 3.368 Center for Discovery and Innovation
p: 212-650-6791

Luis Cardoso


o: ST-565 Steinman Hall
p: 212.650.7154

Alessandra Carriero

Associate Professor

o: 403C Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-7591

Patricia Cupid

Administrative Assistant

o: T-401 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-6707

Jacek Dmochowski

Associate Professor

o: 460 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-8626

Anxhela Docaj

Non-Teaching Adj Doct 2

Niovi Dollas

Non-Teaching Adj Doct 2

Mohamad Fallahrad

Adjunct Lecturer

o: 3.125 Center for Discovery & Innovation

J. Christopher Fritton

Distinguished Lecturer of Biomedical Engineering & Director,...

o: Room 401 Steinman Hall

Susannah P. Fritton

Herbert G. Kayser Professor

o: ST-404A Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-5213

Bingmei Fu


o: 435 Steinman Hall
p: 212-650-7531

M. Lane Gilchrist

Associate Professor

o: 306 Steinman Hall
p: (212) 650-6664

Gavin Hsu

Non-Teaching Adj Doct 2

Atara Israel

Non-Teaching Adj Doct 2

Yunfei Li

Adjunct Lecturer