The Committee Letter Process

Each January, an email is sent to students who are officially part of the Program in Premedical Studies (PPS). The email requires that all those who will be applying to a professional school for the upcoming application season identify themselves to the PPS director by forwarding their full name, last four digits of the SSN, their email address and a contact number.

Only undergraduate and post-baccalaureate pre-med/pre-dental/pre-vet, etc., who are part of the Program in Premedical Studies receive this email. 
Students are then sent an email notifying them of their mandatory attendance at the "Demystifying the Application" workshop, which is always held from 6-8 on Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon from 12:30-2 in early February.  Students are given the choice of which workshop to attend.
Committee Letter Interviews will be conducted by the CCNY Pre-Health Faculty Committee during the summer of the student's application cycle to professional school. Undergraduate students must meet with the Pre-Health Faculty Committee for their committee letter; for post-baccalaureate students, you will be interviewed by the Premedical Studies Director and your letter will be written by the Premedical Studies Director. The goal is to have the  undergraduate and post-bac committee letters completed by the conclusion of the summer as students submit their applications to professional school.
Letters are written in late May - early September.
If you are an alumni of the Program in Premedical Studies/CCNY and wish to apply to professional school, it is imperative that you contact the office by calling us at 212-650-6622 or emailing us at during the early winter PRIOR to the launch of the professional school application season.
The Program in Premedical Studies Pre-Health Faculty Committee will not write nor support students applying to professional schools of medicine (MD/DO), dentistry, optometry, podiatry and veterinary medicine if they are NOT officially part of the Program in Premedical Studies.
Students who are not eligible for a committee letter are:
  • Pre-pre meds
  • Premed students who are on probation or have been dismissed from the program
  • Students who are not officially part of the Program in Premedical Studies
  • Post-bac students who have less than 24 CCNY science credits.

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