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Pre-Medical Studies


Post-Baccalaureate Eligibility Requirements
Admission to the program as a Post-Baccalaureate student is a two-step process: you must first complete the City University Transfer Application and apply online as a second-degree, undergraduate transfer student. Students are encouraged to apply directly online. Students must request for two official trancripts as each step requires an official transcript.
Please note that The Premedical Studies program do not have any access to documents sent to CUNY, or the Admissions office of the City College of New York.
The first step of the admssions process for the Post-Baccalaureate students is to apply to CUNY. Copy and paste the link below in your browser:
The second part of the admissions process for Post-Baccalaureate students is to submit the following documents to the Program in Premedical Studies:
  • The Program in Premedical Studies Secondary Application:  Post-Baccalaureate Application.
  • Two letters of recommendation - Letters of recommendation can either be included with your application or sent separately to the Director of the program. Letters do not necessarily have to be from faculty; anyone who you feel can provide us with a recommendation as to why they feel you would make a good candidate for this program as well as for professional school would suffice.
Please note: due to the high instances of forged letters of recommendation, letters of recommendation must be written on your recommender's department/institution/company letterhead and they must be signed. Letters must be sent directly from your recommender by mail, or as a pdf signed document to email address below; they cannot be sent by students.
  • A current cv/resume;
  • A personal statement. Students are asked to respond to the following question: "Please describe your professional goals. Include in this description a discussion of the  factors and experiences which contributed to their formulation."
  • An official transcript(s) from the college/university(s) you received your bachelor's degree, with the notation that you have been officially graduated with a final cumulative GPA.
Please note that a minimum 2.8 cumulative undergraduate grade point average is required for admission to the program.Any application received with a final cumulative GPA of less than 2.8 will not be considered.
  • Post-baccalaureate students do not have separate sections of math and science courses. They register for the same courses as our undergraduate students;
  • Priority registration is always given to undergraduate students. As a result, registration for math and science courses for our post-baccalaureate/2nd degree students  will represent a challenge.
  • The Program in Premedical Studies at The City College of New York post-baccalaureate program is a program for career changers.  If you are researching a post-baccalaureate program to enhance your undergraduate science grades, this is not the program for you.
  • The program in Premedical Studies cannot support students who are applying to the following programs: Nursing, Physician's Assistant, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Public Health or Pharmacy.
  • All post-baccalaureate students must demonstrate that they have completed Pre-calculus or a higher level Math class, eg, Calculus 1, 2, etc. before they will be permitted to register for any science courses.  If a post-baccalaureate student cannot provide evidence that they have successfully completed Pre-calculus, (ie, a transcript) they will be required to take the Math Placement Test PRIOR to their Orientation/Registration to the college.
  • If the test determines that you are not currently testing at the Pre-calculus level you will NOT be permitted to register for any science courses.
  • No post-baccalaureate student will receive a committee letter from the Director of the Premedical Studies Program who has earned fewer than 24 City College science credits;
  • All post-baccalaureate students must also maintain a 3.2 grade point average to remain in  the program.

All materials must be received by the Premedical Studies Office by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: August 1
  • Spring Semester: December 1
  • Summer Semester: May 1
All supporting documents for the Postbaccalaureate program only as described in the second step above can be sent to us at the following address:
Belinda G. Smith, MA
Director, The Program in Premedical Studies
The City Colleg of New York
Marshak Science Building, Room 106
Convent Ave at 138th Street
New York, NY 10031
Please call us at 212-650-6622 or e-mail us at with any questions.