10100  (4 Credits)  Foundations of Biology I (Pre- or Co-requisite: Math 19500)
10200  (4 Credits)  Foundations of Biology II



10301,10401  (4 Credits) General Chemistry  (Prerequisite: Math 19500)
26100             (3 Credits) Organic Chemistry I (Prerequisites: Chem 10400 or Chem 10401)

26200             (2 Credits) Organic Chemistry Lab I (Prerequisite: Chem 26100, corequisite: Chem 26300)
26300             (3 Credits) Organic Chemistry II (Prerequisites: Chem 26100)
32002             (3 Credits)  Biochemistry I         (Prerequisites: Chem 26300)

Note:   Chemistry majors must take Organic Chemistry Lab II 37400.


20300,20400 (4 Credits ea) General Physics for Biology, Humanities or Social Science Majors, OR   20700,20800 (4 Credits ea) General Physics for Chemistry and Physics Majors


MATHEMATICS  (For Biology, Humanities or Social Science Majors)

20500, 20900 (4 Credits ea)  OR
20100, 20900 (4 Credits ea)  OR

20100, 20200, 17300  (4 Credits ea)  (other equivalent statistics course, i.e., PSY 21500, SOC 23000)

Note: Chemistry and Physics Majors must take 20100, 20200, & 20300



One semester beyond English 11000. English 21003 is required for Science Majors.


PSYCHOLOGY 102    Psychology in the modern world

SOCIOLOGY  105      Individual, group and society, An introduction to Sociology



Recommended Non-Science Courses


Anthropology  25500               The Anthropology of Health and Healing
Anthropology  32100               Health Issues and Alternatives

Classics          12100               Greek and Latin Roots in the English Language
Classics          34100               Science in Antiquity  
English            33000-33100   Critical Reading and Writing
History            31613              Women and Medicine (Topic may vary from semester to semester)
History            41300              Medicine and Society in Europe
History            44600              The American Health Care System
Philosophy      20100              Logical Reasoning
Philosophy      34900              Biomedical Ethics


Please note: The Program in Premedical Studies is NOT a major. It is a support program designed to facilitate student’s success in entering health professions school. Pre-Health professional students may major in any discipline – Anthropology, Art, Biology, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Science, Education, Etc.


Recommended but NOT REQUIRED Science Courses



20600                                                  Introduction to Genetics (Highly Recommended)
20700                                                  Organismic Biology

22800                                                  Ecology and Evolution
22900                                                  Cell and Molecular Biology (Highly Recommended)
35000                                                  Microbiology (Highly Recommended)
36400                                                  Introduction to Neurobiology
37500                                                  Developmental Biology
38000                                                  Eukaryotic Genetics
40100                                                  Physiology and Functional Anatomy II
40200                                                  Human Anatomy and Physiology
41000                                                  Cell Development and Cellular Senescence
42500                                                  Cancer Biology
43000                                                  Genetics of Prokaryotes
46400                                                  Introduction to Neurobiology
46800                                                  Comparative Animal Physiology



24300                                                  Quantitative Analysis
33000                                                  Physical Chemistry I

33500                                                  Physical Chemistry (For Biochemistry students only)
48005                                                  Biochemistry II (For Biochemistry students only)



31500                                                  Medical Physics (Highly Recommended)
42200                                                  Biophysics (Highly Recommended)


Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Science students have the option of applying for Research Honors. Special Programs (such as MBRS and MARC) and Independent Studies, which in some cases substitute for upper division requirements in the major.



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