DoSSC Chemistry Department Leaders

Nathanael Singh


My name is Nathanael Singh, and I am currently a junior here at CCNY. I am currently majoring in Biochemistry while also pursuing a minor in Economics. In addition, I have also decided to undertake honors research with the faculty and staff here at the Division of Science. Now although I am basically a STEM major, a fun fact about me I would say is that my research actually focuses on the impact of social and cultural identity on minority student’s learning, academic performance, and engagement, which is more like a social science kind of research.

But this is what I like about CCNY, the versatility that comes with pursuing your studies and interests are simultaneously often accounted for throughout your undergraduate years so long as you put the effort in.

Maryam Tuba


Maryam Tuba a junior majoring inpsychology, minoring in chemistry and is on the pre-med track. She is passionate about closing the healthcare gaps in her community andhelping those in need. She has participated in many events to accomplish her goals. Shehas been in a four-week summerprogram where she learned many differentinformation surrounding the injustice in her community. She presented a presentationof this issue at the end of her four-week program. To further increase her knowledge,she has taken numerous psychology classes inregard to community, people, prejudiceand many more. She wants to raise awareness of the injustice the minority communitiesexperience. This includes Middle Easterners, African Americans, Hispanics, etc. Inaddition, she has been in numerous events in which she helped provide food and alistening ear to the homeless population in NYC. She has also participated in events thathelped provide sanitary products to women in poverty. In her spare time, she enjoystaking photos, doing puzzles, and engaging in different cultural activities.

Ramisha Aymon



Ramisha (she/her) is a rising fourth-year attending CCNY, majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Sociology. Her passions lie in learning about the concepts of both the biological sciences and larger social sciences, in order to employ both spheres of knowledge and apply it to the professional setting. Her goals are to work in tandem with healthcare and community wellness, and to give back to her CCNY community, as well as native Bangaldeshi community in the future. In addition to the DoS Student Council, she is also a part of two other organizations with leadership positions at CCNY. Ramisha actively serves in the Alpha Epsilon Delta as President, a national honor society and service organization dedicated to intellectual and professional development for students engaged in the pursuit of a healthcare career. She is also on the e-board for CCNY’s Women in Science as Historian, an organization that seeks to empower and promote equity and professional advancement for women in pursuit of science careers. Outside of community involvement, Ramisha is also an S Jay Levy Fellow and will continue to improve and strengthen professional development skills and serve as a peer mentor for incoming fellows. This past summer, she has also interned at NYU Headache Center, under Dr. Mia Minen, MD/MPH, working in clinical research regarding behavioral treatment for migraines and research on development and improvement of neuroscience curricula. Outside of science, Ramisha enjoys going out in nature or exploring the city, reading, and listening to science or true-crime podcasts

Sarah Mansfield


Jinho Seo


Jinho Seo is in his 4th year at CCNY as a biochemistry major. He is a Chemistry and Biochemistry Science DoSSC leader for the year 2022-2023. Until his junior year, he spent his time as a tutor, helping students in mathematics and chemistry. Currently, he is doing research in Dr. Kevin Gardner’s lab at the Advanced Science Research Center, trying to solve the structure of a photoreceptor. For club activities, he spends his time most with the Philippine American Organization (PAO) in hopes to expand the community at CCNY while also exposing Filipino culture to people.

Joseph Gallo-Rodriguez




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